Saving Children … One Little Heart at a Time

Healing Little Hearts in Uganda


Thanks to this beautiful community of caring we are all part of…..the first of our 50 Ugandan children have begun to be treated by the Interventional Cath team at UHI in Kampala….

Part of the funding in the Rotary Global Grant which you contributed to will go toward supporting Dr. Sulaiman and his team treating these 50 children in the coming months…
A special thank you to our healthcare partners who have helped to provide skills transfer over the years at UHI…the Childrens National Medical Center Teams led by Dr. Craig Sable, , The Riley Childrens Teams led by Dr. Stephanie Kinnaman and Dr. Mark Turrentine, the Chain of Hope teams led by Emma Scanlan, and The WCI teams led by Dr. Kanishka Ratnayaka…..
We are all blessed to be part of this Global Community which has empowered the doctors and nurses at UHI to do what they were trained to do – SAVE THEIR CHILDREN!
AIDA (6 months) and DANIELLA (6 years) are the first to benefit from your kindness, generosity and love!!