Saving Children … One Little Heart at a Time

Baby Izet

“Baby” Izet from Kosovo came to GOL NJ’s attention via our website in July of 2013 when a female US Air Force Sergeant stationed in Kosovo reached out for help in desperation.  The Sergeant had heard a plea from a young mom who was told her hospitalized two month old baby  would not survive without surgery for his congenital heart defects.

Since Kosovo lacks the medical training or facilities necessary to perform heart surgeries,the Sergeant spent hours and days fervently searching the internet with the one hope, to save this precious baby’s life.  Her mission was accomplished as GOL NJ, Gift of Life International, GOL Italy of New York and GOL of Kosovo worked together to have Izet accepted for surgery in Bergamo, Italy.

Izet’s surgery was successfully completed by Dr. Crupi in mid-September thanks to the sponsorship of GOL NJ, GOL Italy of NY and personal donations of US Air Force and Army personnel.

Although Izet will need follow up surgery, he is now living the life of a healthy baby who is no longer inhibited by the tubes his oxygen or life-line flowed through for months.

Special thanks to Rob Raylman, Director of GOLI, for his attention and concern in helping to make connections around the world that led to the success of our Baby Izet!

View photos of Baby Izet below: